Jayadhara (Jane Cluley)



Personal Practice One – Into Balance

Recorded by Jayadhara.
Asana practice, 3-part breath with hand mudras and Yoga Nidra focused on breath awareness. Suitable for those who have not previously practiced outside of a yoga class. £10

Four Guided Meditations

Suitable for Beginners, includes Kaya Sthairyam, Antar Mouna, Ajapa Japa and Visualisation.  £10

For a short sample of each track please click on links on the right

Yoga Nidra – Ajna & Mooladhara Chakras

Suitable for Intermediate students interested in going deep, connecting deep relaxation with energy centres. £10

Mantra, Kirtan and Yoga CD’s

A changing selection of authentic recordings available – Please contact for more information.

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Personal Practice, Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra plus Mantra & Kirtan Yoga CD’s for sale

Four Guided Meditations Sample Tracks

1/ Introduction

2/ Kaya Sthairyam

3/ Antar Mouna

4/ Ajapa Japa

5/ Visulisation